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You Gotta Work For What You Want.

While doing my workout yesterday morning, the trainer was encouraging everyone and said “You gotta work for what you want.”

Although just a workout platitude to keep us going…it struck a chord with me, as I really had to push myself to get up that morning and she was right; I did have to get my ass up and work hard for what I want! Which, for me, is to be fit and healthy for myself and my family. Both mentally and physically.

It also made me think about how many facets of life and goals it could be applied to. As a basic, simple reminder that nothing in life comes to you for free and hard work, dedication, effort, perseverance and persistence is usually required. But the notion of that shouldn’t discourage or intimidate you, it should inspire you

If you want to get a promotion, get on that list for Sgt/Ltd/Capt/Deputy/Detective, you gotta work hard and usually study for months.

If you want to have a better relationship with your spouse or partner, you gotta connect, communicate and put that work in to foster openness, honesty, trust and anything else that is important to you.

Especially if you’re in a First Responder relationship, with one or both of you experiencing shift work, excessive stress, exposure to trauma and attending critical incidents frequently. A high level of understanding, empathy and compassion is required, to ensure miscommunication doesn’t lead to resentment and distance.

It takes work to learn how to cope, build resilience, figure out positive ways in which to decompress, either through exercise, meditation, breath work, or speaking with peers or someone who can listen competently.

If you want to better yourself, not just physically, but your mindset, alter your internal negative self-talk, improve your self worth or capacity for self compassion, this all takes WORK.

Don’t be afraid of hard work; it will get you what you want, with an amazing sense of accomplishment to compliment your achievements.

Knowing, deep down, that’s you’ve put in the time and effort, didn’t take the easy path, persevered even when it was difficult, challenging, confronting and made you want to stop….money can’t buy that feeling, knowing you pushed through all of that and came through the other side victorious.

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