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About Me

My name is Erin Jane and I am a First Responder Life Coach.

I was born and raised in Australia, becoming a police officer in my early 20's with a state police force. I ended my career as a Detective at the Armed Crime Squad, before moving to the United States after meeting and marrying my firefighter husband.

I have spent my whole career helping people. Following my policing service, I worked as a Crisis Counselor and supervisor at a Suicide Prevention Organization in Boston. I've always prided myself on a strong capacity for compassion, empathy and support of others.

After having my two children and focusing on our family, I took a step back to contemplate what I truly wanted to pursue in the next phase of my career. I realized I missed helping people, but more importantly, the First Responder and Emergency Services community that I was a part of for so long.

I recognized there was a gap in services offered to that community, after extensive conversations with friends and loved ones still in those professions. A grey area existed, between what peer support could offer and what clinical services provided. I realized that's where I could be of most helpful, by filling a void so First Responders weren't falling down and getting lost in it.

I chose to become qualified as a Master Certified Life Coach, specializing in First Responders, Emergency Services Personnel, their Spouses, Partners and Loved Ones.

As my husband, a 20+ year active duty firefighter, and many of my closest friends and relatives are still in First Responder and Emergency Services roles, this is still my every day life.

It's personal for me, just like it is for you. Having been in both positions, the First Responder and the partner of one, I'm fortunate to know what kind of life and associated challenges you can face from both perspectives. It offers me unique insight, understanding, awareness and compassion, which I aim to share with my Clients through our coaching sessions.

I have also engaged in obtaining my CISM qualification (Critical Incident Stress Management) and furthering my studies in the field of psychology and counseling, to continue to grow, learn and serve the community I am so passionate about.

As your Coach, I hope being a former First Responder, as well as being married to one, will comfort you in the knowledge I'm culturally informed, competent and experienced. Therefore, anything you share with me, you know will be understood in the way only a fellow emergency services member could.

On a personal note...I have travelled, loved and lost, navigated life altering transitions and survived many challenges along the way (usually with a little bit of Aussie humour). I'm not perfect, but find beauty in imperfection and joy in helping others, so I hope you'll afford me the opportunity and privilege, to be the one to help you.

My favorite quote, which is very relevant to explaining why I do what I do, ​as a First Responder Life Coach, I'm going to share with you here:

​"Only when we know our own darkness well, can we be present with the darkness of others. Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity."

- Brene Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection

My promise, to all of my Clients as their Coach, will always remain "I will hold space for your darkness."

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