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Bridging The Gap

 I believe it's important for First Responders & Emergency Services Members to have the right person to speak to. To decompress, debrief and share their experiences, without the fear of over-burdening that person. It can't always be a partner, spouse or colleague; for various reasons. "Bridging the Gap" means there is a grey around that exists, between speaking to a friend, superior or colleague through peer support, and seeking clinical services with a therapist, psychiatrist or other mental health professional.


That's where I come in.

As a Life Coach, I can help you talk out an incident, listen while you unburden yourself, safe in the knowledge that nothing you say will shock or upset me. A space where fear, judgement, shame and embarrassment don't exist.

As a coaching client, you are in control. You set the agenda of what we discuss, what goals are accomplished and what we focus on.

As a CISM qualified Master Certified Life Coach, Former First Responder and Spouse of Current Firefighter, with a background in suicide prevention and crisis counseling, my aim is:

  • To bridge the gap between peer support and clinical services

  • Provide a unique level of understanding, awareness and compassion

  • Offer a non-clinical approach, while providing a safe atmosphere to share your experiences, struggles or concerns

  • Be culturally competent, experienced and informed

  • Work towards ending the stigma and fighting the reluctance of First Responders to engage in any kind of help

  • Present empathy and knowledge of BEING a First Responder, as well as the SUPPORTING partner/spouse of one


It's your life; it's up to you how much effort you are willing to put in to obtain the results/changes/improvements you desire. But you won't be alone...

I'm invested in you succeeding and care passionately about the First Responder community, so if you're my client, we're in this together. I will always care. I will offer you insightful understanding, empathy and compassion; I will encourage, empower, commiserate and validate. This is what I do.

Let me listen in a way you've never been heard.

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