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My Philosophy

My core focus as a Master Certified Life Coach is to provide you the things I think our society is lacking; Empathy, Empowerment and Encouragement.

As your coach, I want to work with you on your present circumstances and relationships, aid you in identifying any improvements you feel are needed, support you in making those changes a reality and creating a better future for yourself.

I believe the client holds all the answers to their own happiness, they just need someone to listen intently and ask the right questions.

Therefore, my philosophy is a simple one:

Empathy - offer it to you, validate how you're feeling, be present, listen and give compassion.

Empower - by having someone truly listen to you, ask you pertinent questions and ascertain some effective goals to accomplish, you will feel empowered to make relevant changes in your life.

Encourage - feeling truly supported, you will be able to navigate a new path; towards better relationships, a more positive outlook, and a happier quality of life overall.

So, if my philosophy speaks to you and you'd like to be coached with these underpinning principles, reach out and let's get to work together!

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