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My Philosophy

My core aim is to offer unique insight, understanding and compassion to my clients. 


As a former Law Enforcement First Responder and Master Certified Life Coach, I believe being culturally competent, experienced and informed is crucial in making fellow First Responders and Emergency Services Personnel feel confident and comfortable to open up and talk about their experiences.


I accomplish this by focusing on key aspects I think our society is lacking;

Empathy. Empowerment. Encouragement.

As your Coach, I provide an environment where it is safe to decompress, debrief and wrestle with the experiences you have at work, without the fear of over-burdening another person.

I can help you talk out an incident, listen while you unburden yourself, secure in the knowledge that nothing you say will shock or upset me. A space where fear, judgement, shame and embarrassment don't exist.

As the Client, you are in control and set the agenda, about what is discussed and what we focus on. However, I also believe that you hold all the answers to your own happiness, you just need someone to listen intently and ask the right questions.

Therefore, my philosophy is a simple one:

Empathy - offer it to you, validate how you're feeling, be present, listen and give compassion.

Empowerment - by having someone truly listen to you, ask pertinent questions and ascertain some effective goals to accomplish, you will feel empowered to make relevant changes in your life.

Encouragement - feeling truly supported and understood, you will be able to navigate a new path; towards better relationships, a more positive outlook, and a happier quality of life overall.

So, if my philosophy dedication to the First Responder and Emergency Services community speaks to you and you'd like to be coached with these underpinning principles, reach out and let's get to work together!

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